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Fysik Pussel (1701 Spel)

Heavenly Hell

Himmelska helvete

Heavenly Hell is a very challenging puzzle game in [...]

Escape from the Catacombs

Flykten från ..

Escape from the Catacombs is an awesome point and [...]

Railroad Mayhem

Järnvägen Mayhem

Järnvägen Mayhem är ett roligt pusselspel. Bend the rai [...]

Dino Guardians

Dino vårdnadshavare

Som Dino väktare, you and your friend will tr [...]

Aztec’s Totems

Aztec ’ s Totems

Use the Aztec’s Totems to navigate through t [...]

Zombies Love Cheese

Zombies älskar ost

The zombies are the real terror for the mankind fo [...]

Vampire Jackie: Fly to Freedom

Vampyr Jackie: Fly ..

Vampyr Jackie: Fly to Freedom is an interesting p [...]

Move on Green

Flytta på gröna

Move on Green is a challenging tile sliding puzzle [...]

Makros Superpos

Makros Superpos

Makros Superpos is a simple yet fun and challengin [...]

Munguia’s Close Ups

Munguia’s ..

Munguia’s Close Ups is a fun picture guessin [...]

Zombie Love Story 2

Zombie kärlekshistoria 2

Detta spel handlar om en tragisk kärlekshistoria Zombie. I [...]

Zombies vs Brains

Zombies vs Brains

Zombies vs Brains is a fun and very challenging ga [...]

Detective Sir Biscuit in Green Burger Mystery

Detective Sir ..

Detective Sir Biscuit has to investigate the Green [...]

Toon Escape: Maze

Toon Escape: Labyrint

Toon Escape: Labyrint är en utmanande peka och klicka [...]

Whack the Terrorist

Döda terroristen

Whack the Terrorist is a violent and bloody game f [...]

Fractured 4

Fractured 4

I brutna 4, the levels are fractured very badl [...]

Crossy Swipe

Crossy känga

Crossy Swipe is a fun and challenging puzzle game [...]

Polar Opposites


Polar Opposites is a puzzling adventure game in wh [...]

Clingy Ninja

Klängig Ninja

Clingy Ninja is a fun physics based puzzle game in [...]

Fruitland 2

Fruitland 2

Välkommen till Fruitland 2! You have to harvest all th [...]

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